It’s 2014 and Poems by Post is once again revised. Still glad you’re here!

Poems by Post was an attempt to keep postcards and poems moving about, one per day in 2012. So the first 366 entries are poems that are short enough to hand-write on a postcard and lighthearted enough to keep recipients from panicking. Quite a few great poems are either too long or potentially alarming to use, so they were added anyway and scheduled to appear the following year. Postcards went out, too, just on random days when the right poem hit. Presently, however, the poems are all doggish ones, since post-holiday sales brought an enormous cache of dog cards. All of these are going to a deserving canine for whom every day appears to be a holiday.

If you’re eager to receive a postcard and can’t wait for one to find you, I will sell you a poem. The catch is that it probably won’t be as great as the other poems you’ll read on this site because it will be written by me. To make up for this deficiency, I’ll try to select a pretty nice postcard for you.