Dumb was as good as dead;
better to utter.
Inside a bottle, a genie.
Words were a silver thread
stitching the night.
The first story I said
led to the light.
Fact was in black and white;
fiction was colour.
Inside a dragon, a jewel.
A magic carpet took flight,
bearing a girl.
The hand of a Queen shut tight
over a pearl.
Imagination was world;
clever to chatter.
Inside a she-mule, a princess.
A golden sword was hurled
into a cloud.
A dead woman unfurled
out of a shroud.
A fable spoken aloud
kindled another.
Inside a virgin, a lover.
Forty thieves in a crowd,
bearded and bold.
A lamp rubbed by a lad
turning to gold.
Talking lips don’t grow cold;
babble and jabber.
Inside a beehive, a fortune.
What was lost was held
inside a tale.
The tall stories I told
utterly real.
Inside a marriage, a gaol;
better to vanish.
Inside a mirror, an ogre;
better to banish.
A thousand and one tales;
weeping and laughter.
Only the silent fail.


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